EFCA Sector Review 2022

EFCA Sector Review

The annual EFCA Sector Review published by the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations aims to demonstrate the breadth and depth of Europe's capacity to supply engineering services for construction and the built environment. The Review includes rankings based on a survey of the turnover of the top companies and groups operating in Europe that supply these services.

The EFCA Sector Review 2022 (including lists ranking the top firms) is available on the EFCA website website. To help understand how firms supplying engineering services for construction and the built envronment are distributed throughout Europe, also available are maps that plot:

Considered by EFCA for inclusion in the Sector Review in the rankings are companies and groups for which the turnover in Europe for engineering services for construction and the built environment:

  • represents more than approximately 50% of their total turnover in Europe;
  • amounts to more than approximately Euro 10 million (equivalent to a headcount of more than about 200 for staff based in Europe, depending on the location of work and staff).

EFCA Sector Review Survey

For the survey, Peter Boswell on behalf of Bricad Associates is mandated by EFCA as the EFCA Survey Coordinator.

Arrangements are summarised below, with links to further details where necessary. The 2022 survey (questionnaire) ended on 10 December 2022.

A list of groups operating in Europe is maintained to help establish single points of contact.

Survey questionnaire

The survey questionnaire establishes

  • if the activity of a firm mainly comprises construction-related as opposed to product-related engineering services. These services are essentially professional services such as master planning, preliminary studies, design, procurement, technical assistance, project and construction management, environmental engineering, quantity surveying, and other services for construction and the built environment. Generally excluded are professional services which would be classified as legal and financial services, management consultancy, advertising and market research, and scientific research but are not supplied to the market (firms will often carry out these services internally for their own account).
  • how firms based in Europe supply engineering services for construction.

The 2022 survey ended on 10 December 2022 for publication in the EFCA Sector Review 2022 (PDF). The survey for 2023 will be launched in October 2023.

Survey arrangements

To avoid multiple contacts, the survey aims to identify the location of the headquarters of each firm or of the firm that acts for all subsidiaries based in Europe. This firm may be based either inside or outside of Europe.

Listed are firms with more than about 150 staff based in Europe for:

  • firms based in Europe and operating in more than one country in Europe;
  • firms based outside Europe.

EFCA and its national Member Associations use this list to help identify and establish single points of contact.

Further information

For further information, please contact:

  • Peter Boswell, EFCA Sector Review Survey Coordinator (peter@peterboswell.com; Mobile & WhatsApp: +41 79 298 9666)
  • Sue Arundale, EFCA Secretary General (sarundale@efca.be)
EFCA Sector Review